She followed the ambulance to a hospital where doctors told her the teen had a weak pulse. They told her they would put a team of 20 of the best doctors in surgery to try to save her.

“I said to him, ‘Please get my baby right.’ Please, please, please because I can’t lose my baby,” January said.

A while later, the doctor returned with tears in his eyes to report that Deosha was gone.

“I said, ‘Gone where?’” January recalled. “You mean my baby is gone forever?”

Police had not made an arrest in the shooting by Friday.

In the days since the shooting, January has been comforted by family members who have had to contend with this kind of violence before.

January was in an apartment building in 1996 where her brother Larroll Cotton, 23, and cousin Quincy Cotton, 19, were shot and killed in the 4400 block of Swan Avenue in St. Louis. No one was ever arrested.

“You have to face the loss of a child for the rest of your life,” said Quincy Cotton’s mother, Yvonne Cotton, who was helping her niece, January, Friday. “This just keeps happening and then more mothers and grandmothers have to have this hurt and no one ever faces the consequences.”

Deosha’s cousin, Alona Cotton, was also with January while she mourned Friday and was reminded of when she was caught in the crossfire of a shooting when she was about 15 in St. Louis. A bullet grazed her head but she survived.

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