With that, the 13 artists are from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Changsha, Beijing, and Hangzhou yet find themselves in vastly different corners of the world from Los Angeles, New York, London or Tokyo—an important nuance to explore their identity and showcase it through their work. Some examples of artists include Yage Guo from Shanghai, whose work is influenced by Hong Kong Cinema, while Lau Wai from Hong Kong uses archival imagery to investigate the role of how history and personal memory play in identity formation.

As a curator for the sale, Ching also feels that the theme is close to her heart. “Having grown up in the cosmopolitan cornucopia that is Hong Kong, a city which served as a historic gateway between China and the West, I was fascinated early on by cultural relations between the two and how this informed one’s identity. I see now that this paradigm of ‘East and West,’ ‘Us and the Other’ is something that is so antiquated, and actually not a very healthy way at all to approach identity building.”

“I see art as a way to reclaim that narrative, and the selection of artists reflects that. The notion of identity and selfhood is and should be expansive, and there is no better way to explore it than through the arts,” she adds.

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