Greetings from the Town Square Museum.


Mr. M. G. Russell recently visited the museum with copies of his book, The Hills of Pontotoc County (A Book of Short Stories) (2020).


The book is a collection of  stories about growing up on a small cotton and dairy farm in the hill country of western Pontotoc County in Northeast Mississippi mostly during the 1940s and ‘50s.  


The stories give the reader a peek into an era that is mostly in the memories and family oral histories. Stories center around daily activities – farming and milking, school, swimming in the creek, the peddler, listening to the radio, the old T-Model truck, Christmas, watermelon raids, no electricity or running water, and many more.


Mr. Russell left the farm to join the military and never called Pontotoc County home again, although he returns frequently to visit relatives, his sister Donna R. Pettit and brother Danny Russell and their families. He has two older sisters, Billie and Bobbie both deceased.  His parents were Moody and Louallie Gafford Russell.  


He met and married his wife Jan (who passed away in 2016), after his military service.  They have two children Alicia and Greg. His first cousin, Jennifer Gafford Nanny, edited the book. M.G. and family  mostly lived in Memphis, which he still calls home.  He retired from the transportation industry in 2004.


Copies of his book are in the Town Square Gift Shop and sell for $17.  Until we open, you can get a copy from one of our postal employees.


Everyone have a safe and blessed week.