TUCSON (KVOA) – A coalition at the University of Arizona is helping to condense all the information on how and where to report people who are not following the university’s COVID-19 protocols.

Coalition for Academic Justice at the University of Arizona started back in April after people were concerned about a variety of issues at the university.

On Monday, CAJUA launched a page on its website with resources to report non-compliance on campus after hearing concerns about all the different messaging from university officials, according to Celeste González de Bustamante, a UA associate professor and CAJUA member.

“With all the messaging from the university there was not a lot of clarity about where people should go if they see somebody not complying with the COVID-19 protocol because there are a lot of issues that could arise whether it has to do with the building or whether it has to do with a large gathering, whether it has to do with a face covering so all of these different types of non-compliance issues actually need to go and be reported to different divisions on campus,” she said.

González de Bustamante said that the goal is to help provide direction to the UArizona community by informing them how and where they can report a lapse in protocol.

She hopes this will also help COVID-19 cases go down, as more people comply with COVID-19 safety protocols.