Shin Godzilla might not be the latest iteration of the beast to hit big screens, but he is one of the most iconic. The kaiju roared to life under director Hideaki Anno years ago in Japan, and Shin Godzilla has been praised for its back-to-basics story. Now, fans are getting another look at the film thanks to a special short that has just been teased online.

Over on Twitter, fans began buzzing when reports surfaced about a new Shin Godzilla short. Some were hopeful a full-on sequel was in the works for the feature, but this short isn’t that ambitious. This feature is meant to pair with the newly opened Godzilla theme park attraction near Kobe as it sets up the event.

For those who do not know, Godzilla has finally been brought to a theme park for good. A park on Awaji Island has finished construction on the first life-sized model of Godzilla. The piece, which is modeled after Shin Godzilla, shows the kaiju coming up from the Earth with its jaw wide open. The park attraction allows guests to zip line down into Godzilla’s mouth, so an attraction this epic needed a short.

This short appears to be no different from the ones shown at Disney Parks or Universal Studios. The clip, which can be seen above, uses stock footage from Shin Godzilla to set up the ride. Bits of the short have surfaced online showing an injured Godzilla retreating to Awaji Island after being injured in battle. So as you can imagine, Godzilla took refuge underground only to resurface at the theme park for guests.

If you want to check out this theme park for yourself, the opening of the Godzilla attraction went down in early October. The only thing standing between you and the kaiju is a plane ride, but that is a fairly large hurdle given the ongoing pandemic.

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