Are you planning to go on vacation alone or with your loved ones? Then you are at the right place. In this article, we will be talking about Nordic countries you can visit, a place full of life. There is something special about these regions and there are so many beautiful places to explore. If you want to explore any of these places, using a travel agency might help you get more out of your trip. You can always read reviews about travel agencies on to know the best travel agency that you should patronize.

The Nordic countries are a geographical and cultural region in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic. These regions include Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the sovereign states of Denmark, as well as the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Aland.

There’s something spectacular about visiting the Nordic Countries. All Nordic countries are beautiful and they have unique landscapes that are worth exploring. From the crisp air to stunning scenery.

Best Places to Visit in the Nordics

  1. Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  2. Torshavn, Faroe Islands
  3. Helsinki, Finland
  4. Oslo, Norway
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

If immersing yourself in nature is high on your agenda, Iceland’s awe-inspiring, it is a great destination to escape to.

In the long evening of summer or the chill of winter, Iceland Blue Lagoon is the best place to relax. It’s a surreal experience, especially when the weather is so chilly.

Other awesome places to visit in Iceland include; Reykjavik, and Viky Dyrholaey. If you are planning a trip to any of these nice locations, you should consider reading Iceland Travel Agency online reviews. You will get to know the best travel agencies in the country to patronize as well as those you should avoid.

Torshavn, Faroe Islands

If you plan to visit an old historic capital, then Torshavn, Faroe Islands is the best place you can visit in the Nordics. Most especially the Tinganes Peninsular area is one of the oldest government meeting places in the whole world and is a great place to experience

Torshavn is the capital city of the Faroe Islands with approximately 13,000 people calling it home.

Other awesome places you can visit on Faroe Island include Vagar Island and Eysturoy.

Helsinki, Finland

Finland is another top Nordic destination to visit. Helsinki, Finland is one of the best holiday destinations and it is the most southerly city in Finland.

You shouldn’t miss the usual hot spots, including the Helsinki Senate Square, Finlandia Hall and Amos Rex.  Make sure you visit these eye-catching places.

Oslo, Norway

Norway is another Nordic nation you might consider adding to your wish list. Norway is known for the incredible Fjords that are often seen as eye-catching. However, the capital city of Oslo is also one pretty cool city to experience, especially if you want a taste of Norwegian culture. Make sure to visit the beautiful Norwegian National Opera.

Other beautiful places to visit in Norway include, Alesund, Bergen and Flam.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is the most southerly country among the Nordic countries. Copenhagen, which is the capital of Denmark is well worth visiting. From Meat Packing District, Tivoli Gardens to the stunning Rosenborg Castle, you don’t want to miss these beautiful places.