The Tomohon area is famous for ecotourism, agricultural tourism, indigenous tribes and flower festivals. This is a good base for those planning to climb Mount Lokon and Mount Empung, or travel on the Nimanga river.

North Sulawesi: Where nature meets the surreal underwater world

Danau Linau is a beautiful and special lake. Due to the high sulfur content in the lake, visitors can observe shades of yellow, green, blue, red, and orange changes with sunlight. While traveling here, you can visit other nearby natural attractions such as waterfalls, nature reserves, wildlife, craters, traditional villages and beaches.

Mount Mahawu is an interesting tourist spot in North Sulawesi. You can easily walk to the edge of the crater, watch the evaporating crater lake and sulfur reservoirs on this wonderful volcano. Also, don’t miss the sacred Bukit Doa and Vihara Ekayana.

North Sulawesi: Where nature meets the surreal underwater world

The Modoinding Valley is a popular agro-tourism destination with vast organic farms, farm stays and homestays. Lake Moat is a scenic and peaceful place to travel with the Gunung Ambang mountains and traditional Minahasan-style houses in the background.

Tunan Falls is easily accessible through a short river walk, great for taking pictures and watching birds.

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