LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) — A favorite Lynchburg activity is back this year, despite the coronavirus. The Old City Cemetery said they are taking extra precautions during this year’s Candlelight Tours.

They are doing something new this year. If you don’t feel comfortable going and experiencing it in-person, you can buy a recording of the tour. 

“We’re going to be able to offer these to people who might be a little bit nervous to come out due to covid, but also for those who want to experience it but maybe don’t feel comfortable walking around at night,” Lucas Peed said.

Peed said the in-person tours start October 9th and end after the 24th.

He said a production crew will follow and record the tours. Then they will edit them and the videos should be available either the last week of the tours or shortly after. Peed said a link to the video will cost 10 dollars.  Tickets for the tours are 25 dollars.

Peed said they are limiting the amount of people on the tours, social distancing and requiring that people wear masks.

There are eight tour nights. The tours are about an hour and a half and you will walk about a mile. 

“Being an old cemetery there are a lot of ruts in the ground and depressions and small footstones, so it can be a little tricky to walk around at night,” Peed said. “People who might have trouble with that might want to come to one of our earlier tour times, the 6:10 ones, where it’s still light out.”

Peed said you’ll make six stops along the way.

“Each one of those stops is going to have a character or a few characters that will tell one of the many stories of the cemetery’s history, but also Lynchburg’s history,” he said.

Peed said they have about 20,000 people buried there, so they have 20,000 stories to tell. This year, they have characters from as early as the revolutionary period. He said they also have suffragettes and characters all the way to the 20th century.