In a press release, Missoula Parks and Recreation announced that one of their volunteers tested positive for COVID-19.

The volunteer last exposure to participants was Sept. 9th.

The Missoula City-County Health Department’s investigation indicates the potential exposure is limited to fewer than 15 participants within a specific recreation program.

MCCHD is responsible for contacting the affected families.

Families do not need to contact Parks and Recreation or the Health Department to inquire if they qualify as a close contact.

Parks and Recreation has notified program participants about MCCHD’s ongoing case investigation. Based on the case investigation results to date, program cancellations or facility closures are not recommended.

The program in question takes place outdoors in a City park.

The Health Department is working closely with the volunteer and affected program participants regarding quarantine requirements, testing, and returning to the activity.

Parks officials say this is the first and only COVID-19 case affecting program services after several months of public participation in a wide variety of recreation and aquatics programs.

“Since the pandemic began, we have served thousands of residents in our recreation programs and at aquatics facilities,” says Parks and Recreation Director Donna Gaukler. “This is the first COVID-positive case linked to Parks and Recreation. Participant and staff exposure is limited, due in part to our rigorous COVID-19 safety protocols. We want to thank Missoula residents for honoring the Governor’s and Health Officer’s Orders and Parks’ guidelines and rules related to COVID-19.”