During a recent debate, Eastman pointed to a slew of negative attack ads against her.

“It is time for this to stop,” she said. “We need to bring people together right now, during this pandemic more than ever.”

Bacon said he’s engaged in a fierce contest in which he needs to highlight his opponent’s policy positions.

“I don’t really like the contact sport of this, but it is a contact sport,” he said.

The most defining issue of the election could well be the ongoing pandemic.

Asked about the administration’s response, Bacon said the whole world is struggling and pointed to early estimates that American deaths could range from 200,000 to 1.7 million.

He noted that the current total is on the low end of those estimates, while also saying that every death is heartbreaking.

Eastman criticized Bacon for opposing Democratic proposals for additional relief. He said he can’t vote for objectionable and expensive provisions that are unrelated to the pandemic.

Instead, he has promoted the Problem Solvers proposal.

Bacon described his priorities for the next two years as defeating the virus, revitalizing the economy and pushing for federal money to support a multibillion-dollar, all-hazard response facility known as the The NExT Project at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.