September 15, 2020

Parks and Recreation supervisor nominated as TAAF region director

Congratulations to Aquatics Supervisor Kelly Kessler, who was recently named the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation’s (TAAF) Region 7 Director.

The Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center staff member will oversee all sports in this region, which is one of the largest in the federation. TAAF is a nonprofit organization established in 1925 to promote, organize and conduct amateur athletics in the state of Texas. Members range from cities to private organizations and national or state organizations whose purpose is to advance the profession of parks, recreation and leisure services.

As the region’s former Commissioner over Swimming, Kelly is very excited about her new leadership role: “I was honored to be nominated for this new leadership role. With one of the largest regions in amateur athletics in the state, I look forward to working with the other cities and affiliates to have successful sports programs.”

Kelly will be conducting quarterly meetings and working closely with other TAAF leaders to ensure local athletic teams receive the financial and professional support needed for each region to be successful. She said she looks forward to attending TAAF’s 2021 annual events in this new role, including TAAF’s Hall of Fame Banquet in February and the Summer Games in July. The summer games give athletes a chance to compete for the top spot against their peers in this multi-sport arena. The games are estimated to attract over 10,000 athletes. Amateur, recreational, and young Olympic hopefuls compete in sports featured at various venues throughout the host city.

“They obviously noticed her outstanding leadership skills. We are extremely proud of her! I have no doubt she will represent Plano well,” Recreation Services Manager Susie Hergenrader said.
Texas Amateur Athletic Federation

This press release was produced by the City of Plano. The views expressed here are the author’s own.