“The need for these recreational facilities as the community grows is not going away,” Bina said. “When the time is right, we have to approach it in a way we feel the community wants us to approach it and will support it.”

The recreation complex was projected to cost $114.5 million. Donations were expected to cover up to 10% of the cost. A feasibility study paid for by Parks and Recreation said the complex would bring in $2.6 million in revenue annually, and annual expenses were projected at $3.1 million. Expenses not covered by revenue were to be paid for in the Parks and Recreation budget. A location for the facility was not selected before the vote.

The plans for the complex included a main building, a separate facility for an ice rink and a courtyard between the two buildings. Also included were a four-lane running and walking track, an adventure trail, five indoor pickleball courts, six tennis courts, two full-size gymnasiums, four racquetball courts, a gymnastics facility and an indoor turf field.

Those features came from the feedback Parks and Recreation received from the community, Jeske said.

Bina said the facility was planned to address the city’s needs in the long term.

“We tend to look at how Bismarck is today,” he said. “And this complex would probably be a 50- to 75-year facility. One thing I think most of us agree on is that we continue to grow.” 

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