Pokemon Go’s fashion-themed event is currently underway, but that’s not all that’s happening this week. The first Spotlight Hour of October 2020 also takes place in the mobile game tonight, October 6, and it introduces a new hat-wearing Pikachu to catch.

From 6-7 PM local time, World Cap Pikachu will make its debut in Pokemon Go, appearing in the wild throughout the spotlight hour. This particular cap is based on the one Ash wears in the current Pokemon Journeys anime series. In addition, players will earn twice the usual amount of XP for catching Pokemon during the hour.

World Cap Pikachu
World Cap Pikachu

Another hat-wearing Pikachu will be available during next week’s Spotlight Hour as well. On October 13, Original Cap Pikachu will return to the game, giving you another chance to catch it if you’ve previously missed out. Along with the Pikachu, players will receive twice the usual amount of Candy for catching Pokemon during next week’s Spotlight Hour.

Pokemon Go isn’t the only game featuring Ash’s Pikachu this month; Sword and Shield players can also claim Ash’s Pikachu right now. To celebrate the upcoming launch of the games’ Crown Tundra expansion, The Pokemon Company is giving away eight free Pikachu–each wearing one of the different caps Ash donned throughout the anime–all month long. You can claim the Pikachu by inputting special passwords into Mystery Gift.

Niantic still has a lot of other October events lined up for Pokemon Go this month. An autumn event featuring fall-themed Pokemon is set for October 9-12, while October’s Community Day takes place on October 17. Pokemon Go’s annual Halloween celebration is also around the corner, and Niantic teases that this year’s event will introduce Mega Gengar to the game.

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