A popular vacation destination for the rich and famous for more than 200 years, travel to the Italian Riviera – a slender region in Italy nestled between the Ligurian Sea and the Maritime Alps –for both its over-the-top glamour as well as its local, laid-back charm.

The region is more or less divided into two sections – to the west is the Riviera di Ponente, which translates to “the coast of the setting sun,” and to the east is the Riviera di Levante, which translates to “the coast of the rising sun.”

Things Not to Miss in the Italian Riviera

• Sampling the local cocktails, including a “Tintoretto,” made from pomegranate and spumante

 • Trying the region’s delicious local cuisine; traditional dishes include sea bream cooked with olives and potatoes, mussels served with cheese, mushroom pie, and all things pesto

 • Relaxing on one of the region’s many pristine beaches

 • Indulging in some people watching, as the region attracts a glittering throng of international travelers

When to Go to the Italian Riviera

The region is known for its mild climate, so make your Italian Riviera travel plans at your leisure. However, keep in mind that while the temperatures are rarely uncomfortably hot or cold, autumn tends to be relatively rainy. In addition, because summer is the region’s tourist season, prices tend to peak then, so vacationers traveling on a budget are advised visit the Italian Riviera during the spring or winter.


  • Sampling a “Tintoretto”—a cocktail of pomegranate and spumante—under the stars at Chuflay, an exclusive bar at the Splendido Mare hotel.

  • Dining on sea bream with potatoes, black olives, and pine nuts at La Terazza—in the luxurious Hotel Splendido—on the outdoor patio overlooking Portofino’s bay.

  • Splurging on the latest beach, cruise, and yachting wear from designers like Gucci and Pucci, from La Piazzetta.


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