Breeze TV spoke with Tim Miller and quarantined students about their experience living in isolation. Students are sent to isolation or quarantine dorms if they are positive for coronavirus or have come into contact with someone who is positive. Their experience was unfamiliar compared to the first few weeks of school settling into college life. Willow and Oak hall on the row house isolated and quarantined students, as well as Valley hall on the quad.

Tim Miller said students moving into these dorms were a concern because of mental health challenges, as well as moving in with people you don’t know, and not having a nicely decorated room. Miller was able to visit the quarantined students in Valley hall and gave them handwritten notes from Alumni. He was able to spend time with them at a safe distance.

One student called the health center trying to find out more info about where her laundry was located, needed more clothes, and couldn’t find an RA.

Another student said he was being delivered hot meals in the common room, but said it wasn’t a great option. JMU then offered more options at an on-campus POD market where students were able to choose from prepackaged meals.