Do you ever discover a new brand, spend time browsing, and then all of a sudden you have 10 tabs open of things you want? That was me with Quince. I got the opportunity to try out some of the brand’s $50 cashmere sweaters and I was immediately hooked. I ended up buying a top, skirt, and another sweater from Quince to add to my fall wardrobe, and you should too. These elevated, simple wardrobe staples are anything but basic for both men and women.

What makes Quince so great, besides the quality and silhouettes, is the transparency. Similar to brands like Everlane, Quince showcases how other brands increase prices as the supply chain line between factory and store becomes so complicated that it looks like an NYC subway map. Instead, Quince cuts out the middleman and sources directly from the factory, helping to keep the production cost down and in turn make it more affordable for the consumer. Nothing they carry, save for the fine jewelry and select leather goods, is over $100.

Shopping for my fall layers feels a little different this year, but I still seek out comfy and cozy pieces that will last through the seasons. Quince’s Mongolian cashmere and washable silk fabrics are just two of the options you can find on the site. Both the Mongolian cashmere and the Alpaca used in the Cropped Cardigan are soft and supple, despite the price tag. The washable silk feels luxurious and durable. I have found my go-to for basics that are still fashionable while remaining completely functional.

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