RALEIGH (WTVD) — Attractions at Raleigh’s Pullen Park are still a no-go but city officials are ramping up efforts to get everything back on track as Gov. Cooper gives the green light to Phase 3.

“People are definitely anxious to get out there and get back into the flow,” said Pullen Park Director Scott Mott.

The Parks Department is looking to hire 40 people to help operate the amusement rides.

You have be over age 18 and the job pays $8 an hour.

Staff have been doing maintenance checks on the rides throughout the pandemic, just to make sure everything runs properly. There is usually a captivated audience.


“The kids are just anxious. (They’re) pressed up against the window, waiting around the tracks on the playground, waving to us as we’re going around and what not,” said Mott.

Once they do reopen, the city is strongly considering a reservation system to help comply with social distancing guidelines.

“We’re anticipating that the lines themselves on the weekend are going to be busier. We are going to implement a possible reservation style system, similar to what you see at a restaurant where you would reserve your time when you come in and then you would get paged when it was your turn to ride the attractions,” said Mott.

ABC11 also asked about one of the most highly anticipated events of the year: The Pullen Park Holiday Express.

It ordinarily draws thousands of families. The tickets are hard-to-get and usually gone minutes after sales open.

ABC11 was told some information should be coming out in the next week or so about the event’s future.

“We like being back in the mix. We like getting things back to normal,” said Mott.

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