Rental cars preferred over public transport during the pandemic – Press Release

The Covid-19 pandemic is still reigning over the world. Many countries are still in partial lockdowns since March 2020. Though the situation has improved globally, there’s still no full-proof vaccine in sight. In the wake of all this, the travel industry, among others, have massively adapted operations.

The new norm is in place and people have imbibed safety measures for the most part. Though not always possible, most people observe social distancing, the easiest preventive measure as of now. The travel industry put in place a range of measures for the safety of travelers. It’s been an expensive shift: Airlines project losses of at least $250 billion due to travel restrictions from COVID-19 through the year of 2020.

Yet there’s one industry that has seen a rise in business from residents as well as tourists post Covid19. Here’s why:

Social distancing is possible

Maintaining a safe distance, of atleast 2 metres as proposed by WHO, is near to impossible while using public transportation. Taxis which are fairly safer, thanks to the separation screen, are not as affordable. Hence the majority of the crowd, who do not have the luxury of WFH (work from home) still use public transport such as RTA buses, metro, trams and other shuttle services. Yet given the circum

For those who have had a UAE driving license and were delaying the idea of getting a car are now renting and driving a car. Monthly car rental payments are convenient as well as economical considering that you have a car available at your disposal. No more taxi fares or RTA metro / bus recharges may even sum up to higher costs in some cases.

Your rental car is your safe space  

Compared to a car, buses, trams and metro trains require a lot more effort to be sanitized. While they are disinfected timely and to the highest standards, you’re still a lot more at risk while using them considering the number of people using them at the same time. Especially during rush hours when public transport is packed. At the same time, even though you might face traffic commuting by car, you’re a lot more safer. You can also breathe easy as you don’t need to wear a face mask if you’re driving alone.

Private rental companies, atleast most of them in the UAE, practice WHO-prescribed safety standards. All cars are duly sanitized and disinfected before delivery. While it’s an additional cost that the car rental company bears, such practices have helped in building customer loyalty and trust.

At your disposal for the rental period

Public transport has a definite route which you cannot change. It ends the moment you reach your destination. As compared to that, you can take rental cars anywhere you want within the city limits, anytime during your rental term. No one can stop you from enjoying that freedom and flexibility.

You can opt for the rental car to be droped off at your desired location and be picked up for return. Most companies offer this service free of charge for monthly car rentals.

Rent your car now!

Considering what you read above, if you’re ready to keep COVID-19 at bay, enjoy freedom of moving at your will, then rent a car in Dubai today. hosts over 700 cars to choose from!

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