Calling all anglers, hunters and public land users! For the past 16 years, Montana has had Democratic governors who protected us by vetoing legislation that would have done irreparable harm to our ability to fish, hunt and recreate on public land. Since it is highly likely that the Republicans will again have the majority in the Montana House and Senate, and if Gianforte is elected governor, the Republican Party could bring forth various onerous bills that would change the face of Montana recreation, and there would be no way to stop it from happening! Examples could be: changing or repealing our current stream access law so that floating and wading on waters thru private land could be outlawed; changing existing hunting seasons structure that would reduce our current liberal seasons; creating a “Ranching for Wildlife” program wherein Landowners get special tags and seasons to sell to non-residents; and increasing the already overly generous number of non-resident big game tags. Other western states already have laws like those listed above!

If passed, bills like the above will have a long lasting and negative impact on the Montana resident angler, hunter and recreationist. Vote Mike Cooney for Governor to protect our heritage!