Ring camera caught a creepy crime in process in Port St. Lucie.

According to the Port St. Lucie Police Department, a young man with a “thin build” was seen violently knocking on the door of a home in the area on Friday night.

“The suspect shouted and attempted to kick in the front door,” read the agency’s Facebook post along with the disturbing video. “When that didn’t work, he then punched a front window shattering the window. He eventually left the area and tried to enter two additional houses in the area.”

Officers asked the public for assistance in identifying the person, noting that he “could have a significant cut” to his hand.

After word got out, the police department updated the post saying that on Tuesday afternoon, the suspect, a juvenile, entered the police station accompanied by his mother.

After seeing the Ring video on Facebook, the minor whose age is unknown, informed his mother that he was the person involved.

The juvenile admitted to detectives what he had done and wrote an apology letter to the victims, but gave no reason. He was charged with attempted burglary of an occupied dwelling, criminal mischief and trespassing.

Facebook commenters, many of them local, were duly concerned.

“So scary!”

“I hope he has to do more then write an apology.”


After the arrest, the victim wrote of the terrifying experience on Facebook on the “St. Lucie Breaking News” community page.

“We were all sleeping and we heard someone hitting our front door,” Liliam Dominguez-Vargas said in the post. “The guy was screaming and saying, ‘Open the door, that he didn’t have a place to sleep.’ I called 911 and the Saint Lucie Police Dept. sent four police cars and they made sure we were on the line with the dispatch until the cops got here.”

The home owner adds that the suspect lives two houses away and “was drunk and confused our house with his.”

Dominguez-Vargas, who did not press charges, thanked the police for their efforts.

“Even though it was one of our neighbors, it was very scary because we didn’t know who the person hitting our front door was,” the victim wrote. “We thought it was someone on drugs or someone who escaped a mental hospital trying to get into the house.”

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