In a recent tweet from Valorant News, Riot Games has announced the addition of new servers for the Middle East and North Africa regions. The announcement also states that the servers are supposed to go live on 13th October.

This addition will now let players from the respective regions benefit from a lower ping, thereby offering a much more efficient in-game experience once it goes live.

Along with that, Riot Games has also announced that Arabic language support for Valorant is going to be introduced at the same time as the new servers. These new initiatives are an effort from Riot to grow their regional fanbase.

According to Riot Games, Valorant has attracted thousands of gamers across the region since it’s worldwide launch in June 2020. Keeping the same in mind, to celebrate the introduction of MENA players into the community, Riot Games intends to give away 2 MENA-inspired gun-buddies at the end of October to all players.

Riot Games announces new esports tournament for Valorant

In their latest announcement regarding the MENA region servers, Riot announced their first self produced esports tournament for Valorant. The announcement revealed that the name of the tournament will be “Valorant: First Strike”.

Valorant’s official blog regarding First Strike states,

“Regional qualifiers will begin in the second half of October and we’ll be releasing additional details about rules, policies, and how to register in the next few weeks. The event will conclude with multiple regional finals that will occur from December 3rd to the 6th.”

“Players sixteen and above who have earned a rank of Immortal 1 will generally be eligible to compete in the qualifiers, but we advise to check the full rules and policy once they are released.”

“First Strike will offer multiple regional finals taking place across North America, Europe, CIS, Turkey, Asia, Oceania, Brazil, and the Middle East.”

They ended the blog saying,

“We look forward to sharing First Strike with you and discovering which teams will become the first Champions of their region!”

The announcement from Riot Games leaves no doubts whatsoever as to why big name organisations are rapidly starting to join the professional Valorant scene.

This being said, Riot Games is keeping up with their promises of dedicated global esports tournaments for Valorant. It looks like it’s just the beginning of the Valorant pro scene, as multiple big name teams begin to make their way into Valorant.

Published 12 Oct 2020, 21:54 IST