While fans won’t be able to attend football games at SoFi Stadium in person this year due to COVID, one lucky Inglewood native got picked to go on a private tour of the newly built stadium with celebrities Rob Lowe and Danny Trejo.

Rob Lowe and Danny Trejo give Inglewood local private tour of SoFi Stadium



“They wouldn’t tell me anything. They kept it like a complete mystery,” local fan Precious Ares said. “I didn’t know who I would be working with. I didn’t really even know the concept. So they said just come with an open mind.”

Ares is also a member of SoFi, which is an online personal finance company, and when she posted a photo with her wife and newborn son in a SoFi onesie she said people from the SoFi public relations team reached out to ask her to participate in SoFi’s #1 fan digital campaign.

“Seeing something like the stadium come here and all the new developments and changes it means so much more,” Ares said. “It’s more than just a football team. It’s really just the growth of our community.”

Ares said she loves this city. She was born and raised in Inglewood and is still a resident. Her mom and dad both worked for the city and she said she’s watched the city evolve and she loves what she’s seeing.

“I think SoFi, which is kind of unknown, reminds me of Inglewood. Like this small unknown organization or community and now we’re on the map like never before,” Ares said. “So, I’m just completely in love with everything that’s going on.”

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