SKOx Is the Solution for Revenue Leaders to Energize, Engage, and Educate Their Remote Teams for Their Upcoming Virtual Sales Kickoffs

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SalesHood, the all-in-one Sales Enablement Platform, is launching SKOx to power virtual sales kickoff experiences. Companies are coming off an incredibly challenging economic environment in 2020, where customer-facing teams have had to adjust daily to survive. Going into 2021, aligning all go-to-market teams has never been more critical. Yet, companies are struggling to find ways to virtually engage and energize their remote teams because the pandemic is making it impossible to execute the traditional in-person kickoff event.

“Executives across sales, enablement, and operations are asking us for help to re-imagine kickoffs for the new normal. They are looking for innovative ways to energize and educate their remote teams with purpose and collaboration,” said Elay Cohen, CEO & Co-founder, SalesHood. “We launched SKOx to help companies make their virtual SKO experience amazing with paths that are optimized for sharing stories through networking exercises, peer coaching, pitch challenges and role-playing.”

A recent survey conducted by SalesHood reveals that: 

  • 87% surveyed believe the top 2021 sales kickoff goal is to energize teams. 
  • 57% surveyed shared Zoom fatigue is the #1 reason holding them back from executing a successful virtual SKO experience.  
  • 62% surveyed will add gamification to their kickoff experience with pitch challenges, case studies and role-playing.

A successful SKO strategy leverages technology across a multi-day and multi-week experience with optimal time for learning, coaching and selling.

“SalesHood was a central part of our virtual world-wide Sales Meeting experience by helping us to improve the quality, effectiveness and delivery of our training content before, during and after our global event,” said Samir Qureshi, Vice President Global Sales Operations, Enablement and Account Management, Seagate Technology.

SKOx includes a suite of features built natively in SalesHood’s Sales Enablement Platform. SKOx is designed to automate how teams consume information, connect with peers, share video win stories, get coaching from managers and peers, track completion and correlate activity to outcome data. SKOx is equipped with proven sales skills training and role-playing.

SKOx is offered in three bundled options that scale to meet the specific needs of your organization. To learn more about SKOx, visit our SKOx solution page.

About SalesHood 

SalesHood is the leading all-in-one Sales Enablement Platform used by hyper-growth companies to boost sales performance. The SalesHood Sales Enablement Platform is a B2B sales tool designed for remote teams and proven to reduce time to ramp, lift quota attainment and accelerate sales velocity. Successful hyper-growth companies like Demandbase, DocuSign, DOMO, Omada Health, Nuance, Sage, Seagate, RingCentral, Tanium, Tealium, Trinet, UnitedWay and Yext use SalesHood to boost growth and impact revenue outcomes. For more information about SalesHood visit us at

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