Scientists trying to combat coronavirus are urging people in West Dunbartonshire to share their experiences of living with the virus following the spike in cases which sparked a local lockdown.

The IQVIA Covid-19 Active Research Experience (CARE) survey is examining all of the factors involved in the area’s outbreak and those elsewhere, including residents’ social circumstances.

The data company was chosen to deliver the UK’s Covid-19 treatment clinical trial and describes itself as a global leader in clinical trials and real world evidence research.

The team say medical researchers in the UK and worldwide will be able to make free use of the anonymous information collected – speeding up research on vital treatments.

They have issued an appeal for people aged 18 and over to volunteer to tell their story of how Covid-19 has impacted upon them and those around them, whether or not they have had – or have been tested for – the disease.

IQVIA senior vice-president, Tim Sheppard said: “We believe the experience of people in West Dunbartonshire could prove important to the research we are doing in the UK.”

Researchers hope the experiences in West Dunbartonshire could provide valuable insight into all of the factors linked to localised outbreaks to influence future prevention strategies.

Residents can register to help on