The second annual Theatre Crude Fringe Festival will feature 12 companies hailing from across Oklahoma as well as New York City and Lubbock, Texas. Local productions will be recorded and broadcast in partnership with OKC artist collective Factory Obscura at its “Mix-Tape” experience on Automobile Alley.

“A lot of theater is maybe a new version of a story that has been told before, but with a fringe festival, they’re specifically looking for brand-new stories — and that was specifically something we wanted to support,” said Kelsey Karper, Factory Obscura co-founder and director of logistical creativity.

The festival was originally slated to take place in person inside Factory Obscura’s planned expansion and performance space, a project that has been shelved due to the pandemic.

“We had a conversation with of the artists that we had already signed up at that point in July and August … and it was very clear that art still needs to happen in the world of COVID. Just because there’s a global pandemic doesn’t mean that art ceases. In fact, art arguably becomes even more important. So, it was very important for us to have the festival,” Jenny Brand said.

Festivalgoers may attend each production’s premiere online for free. In addition, audiences may purchase $5 subscriptions to a full video archive of performances, accessible during the month of October.

While artists typically receive a portion of box office sales, this year audiences will see virtual “tip-jar” links for the companies.

“It’s really the artists that need that financial support right now, and we want to be able to give it all to them — so we are,” Jenny Brand said.

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