The upcoming Zojoji Virtual Temple Tour will give worldwide audiences a never-seen-before immersive VR360° travel experience.

In a groundbreaking development, CEO Samuel Yuen and COO Rachel Leng of SeiRogai, Inc., a Tokyo-based cross-border media production company, have announced their plans to produce the VR360 Zojoji Temple Virtual Tour. This unique virtual tour production aims to combine SeiRogai, Inc.’s proprietary approach to filming in VR360 with an engaging storyline. Filming is planned to commence in January 2023.

The Zojoji Virtual Temple Tour will leverage VR360° video technology that will enable visitors to “visit” famous landmarks from the comfort of their own homes. SeiRogai, Inc. has been certified as a “MINATO City Promotion Crew.” This official certification shows the established partnership between Minato City, one of the most renowned wards of Tokyo, and SeiRogai, Inc. as their promotional partner. SeiRogai, Inc. will give the world a unique interactive VR360° movie experience of Japan’s Zojoji Temple. This project is one of a series that will contribute to realizing SeiRogai, Inc.’s vision of “building a society where people around the world can better understand each other through the creation and distribution of compelling stories.”

Zojoji Temple has a rich history, being the most influential temple in the Kanto region of the Buddhist Jodo Sect (the most widely followed Buddhist Sect in Japan). It is known for its close ties with the Tokugawa Shogunate, the powerful dynasty that ruled Japan for over 200 years. Initially, the temple functioned as a guarantor of moral authority, serving as a sacred pillar of political power. Even after downsizing during the Meiji period, the Tokugawa family crest is still prominently exhibited throughout the temple grounds today. In 2023, “Taiga Drama,” a popular historical TV series promoted by the Japanese government and aired on national television, will spotlight the Zojoji Temple as the site of the Tokugawa family mausoleum, and domestic tourism to Zojoji Temple is expected to surge.

The upcoming virtual tour aims to provide international audiences a golden opportunity to uniquely experience the historical background of Zojoji Temple, an iconic landmark of Japan.

SeiRogai, Inc.’s proprietary approach to filming with VR360° technology will simulate a movie-like environment within this unique virtual tour by emphasizing the company’s trademark “3 E’s Method” of “Entertainment,” “Education” and “Engagement.” The Zojoji Virtual Temple Tour will combine an exciting storyline with SeiRogai, Inc.’s pioneering technology to stimulate intellectual curiosity among viewers, and will be available online to global audiences via the exclusive platform, Global Virtual Travel. The platform will allow broad and equitable accessibility through VR goggles and internet-connected PCs and mobile devices, and SeiRogai, Inc. is currently applying for a patent for its VR video distribution system, method, and technological approach. SeiRogai, Inc. will also utilize its strengths in marketing and advertising to communicate the attractions of Minato City and Zojoji Temple to an international audience.

Creator, Producer and Director Samuel Yuen will lead the talented production team and cast of SeiRogai, Inc. in this upcoming project. Samuel is a veteran in creating marketing campaigns and innovative promotional media for the global tourism industry and serves as General Secretary and Advisor to the Former Senator of Tourism and member of the royal family of Thailand. Samuel is also a fully ordained Buddhist monk in the Theravada tradition and has also practiced with many revered Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist masters. Samuel will draw upon his multicultural experience to bring a cross-cultural and nuanced vision to his productions.

Presenter and Expert Guide Rachel Leng, an East Asia specialist graduated from Harvard University and Duke University and Former Miss Singapore titleholder, will be a fellow traveler, cultural translator, and virtual guide for all audiences. She will accompany the audiences through many still undiscovered yet significant areas of the iconic Zojoji Temple in Minato City, Tokyo, Japan.

With a research team comprising of top talents from leading institutions such as Harvard University and the University of Tokyo, SeiRogai, Inc. will be researching the unique and often mysterious history of the culture of Japan. The virtual tour thus aims to more genuinely convey the richness and diversity of Zojoji Temple and Minato City to millions of viewers worldwide.

The project intends to transcend physical and cultural boundaries. This novel, environmentally friendly style of tourism business will provide equitable educational and entertainment access to even the elderly and people with disabilities. The soon-to-be-launched VR360 Zojoji Virtual Temple Tour will also aim to promote nature conservation, historical preservation and popularize digital content focusing on mental health and well-being.

SeiRogai, Inc. is open to collaborations with partners and sponsors to actualize this project to reach millions of people worldwide. This presents a rare opportunity for partners and sponsors to promote their companies internationally through the pioneering VR360 Zojoji Temple Virtual Tour. The partnership will also provide a great opportunity for companies to connect to audiences in Japan, one of the most difficult and challenging countries for market entry, by aligning their brands with some of Japan’s most prestigious and famous landmarks. 

Do not miss this remarkable chance to achieve global brand presence and enter the Japan market by affiliating with leading national brands such as Minato City and Zojoji Temple and make a mark with this exciting production. The number of partner/sponsor slots is limited, so interested parties should contact SeiRogai, Inc. as soon as possible. The filming of the virtual tour is currently planned to commence in January 2023.

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