SILVER LAKE (KABC) — These days, a long line outside of a small business is a sign of survival. But for Burgers Never Say Die Owner Shawn Nee, who said while his business has been seeing consistent customers, his staff has experienced abuse from some of them like never before.

“Strong sense of entitlement to aggressive behavior. You know, using name calling, using very offensive language and including racial slurs towards our staff,” said Nee.

At Burgers Never Say Die, you must wear a mask while you’re on the premises, ordering food in person and picking up you order.

This is no different than most restaurants in LA County and the state of California still has a mandatory mask mandate when leaving your home.

“Aren’t we into this six months? Like at this point everybody knows the drill, we should all be wearing masks,” said Nee.

Video from the restaurants’ security camera shows customers shoving tables into staff, using expletive language and racial slurs.

The restaurant has a zero tolerance for people who don’t follow these simple rules, they refund you and ask you to leave.

Shawn said he’s just trying to keep his staff and customers safe. Especially since some of his employees fall in the high-risk category for COVID-19.

“This goes beyond just masks in general. It just comes down to like human decency and just being kind and respectful to one another when you interact,” said Nee.

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