St. Louis’ infamous gun-toting couple who threatened Black Lives Matter protesters for being in their neighborhood, and then joined the Republican National Convention to stir up panic over “radicals” who “want to abolish the suburbs,” are apparently clinging on to their viral moment.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey were recognized and recorded outside a printing shop in Missouri, where they were picking up printouts they made showing them standing in front of their house wielding guns at “the mob.”

“Abolish the suburbs!” the woman who filmed them leaving the shop yelled, mocking the claim they made at the RNC. “You are terrorists… You think pointing guns at protesters is nice? It’s fun? You think you’re cool?”

The McCloskeys generally ignored the woman and continued on to their car, which was parked near the door. But before they left, Mark got back out of the vehicle and handed her one of their printouts, which she referred to as a “holiday card.”

“They think that they have some type of celebrity status because they traumatized Black and brown folks out in the street,” the woman, who chose to remain anonymous, told Newsweek. “They think they’re heroes. They have absolutely no remorse whatsoever and are pushing that narrative and are advertising it.”

She also suggested that others who encounter the McCloskeys in public should take it upon themselves to remind them that they were the ones in the wrong, because it’s obvious “they see what they did as a very positive thing.”

Responses to the video were predictably split between people who agree that the McCloskeys made a really bad decision and shouldn’t be celebrating it and those who hail them as heroes for waving guns at peaceful protesters.

While the McCloskeys have largely fallen out of view thanks to there being far too much going on in the political landscape in 2020, when they were first caught pointing their guns at protesters walking past their home in broad daylight to get to the mayor’s house, they quickly became the subject of memes.

It was also revealed they have a long history of causing problems for their neighbors and family members. They were ultimately each charged with a felony for brandishing their weapons in a threatening manner. 

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*First Published: Sep 26, 2020, 4:08 pm

Rachel Kiley

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