The Oklahoma home game experience will not be the same this season amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

OU will reduce Oklahoma Memorial Stadium’s capacity to 25% and introduce enhanced health and safety measures throughout the venue.

OU begins its 2020 against Missouri State
at 6 p.m. today, which will host roughly 20,300 spectators in the seating bowl and 2,400 others in suites and loge boxes if all available seats are occupied.

Here are a few important notes for those planning on attending the game:

Mask policy

Fans will be required to wear a cloth or surgical-style mask that covers both the nose and mouth while inside Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, as well as on campus, during a game.

Not every face covering will be accepted, including clear face shields, gaiters, buffs, bandanas or masks with valves. Although if
your mask does not meet OU’s requirements, approved masks will be available for purchase on campus.


OU’s home games will look more like a game in the fourth quarter with a lopsided score, but for the entire game.

OU has reduced its stadium capacity, pivoting to “family” seating pods of 2 to 8 tickets.

Seats will be arranged to allow for no one to have someone sit behind or in front of them to allow for social distancing. Each pod will also have direct access to an aisle.

The minimum space between any two pods in the stadium is three seats.

OU will also block off the front six rows of the stadium.


OU’s home game tickets will be digital this season. Attendees can access their tickets with the SoonerSports2Go app. Tickets can also be transferred through the same app.

The university says there will be barriers at all ticket booths.

Ticket resolution areas can be found at Gates 5 and 7, or at the main ticket office.

Tickets will have preferred gate entry locations based on spectators’ seats.

There will be an increased number of express lanes throughout the stadium for spectators not bringing in a bag.


OU’s myriad concession stands will be 100% cashless this year and offer a new way to order select items.

Spectators can place concession-stand orders on the SoonerSports2Go app and retrieve their items at designated pick-up locations.

OU will continue its refillable popcorn and soda program this season; although, concession stands will provided prepackaged items for spectators to transfer into their personal containers.

The concession stand’s mobile ordering feature will also extend to retail and chairback purchases.


The SoonerSports2Go app is equipped with WAZE, which will help attendees find designated parking lots. has a complete parking map for those that wish to plan ahead.

Also, the Lloyd Noble Center bus shuttle will only be available to “at-risk (65 and over) and ADA patrons,” according to the athletics department.


OU has prohibited tailgating on its campus and parking areas for the 2020 season.

Other tailgating-esque events, including the Boomer Bash, Sooner Club Tailgate, Tailgate Guys, Varsity O Tailgate and Walk of Champions are also canceled.

Other notes

• Restroom and elevator capacity will be limited to allow for distancing

• Over 200 hand sanitizer stations will be accessible throughout the stadium

• OU will continue to police its clear-bag policy

• Concourse seating will be reduced or eliminated in certain areas of the venue.

• Apple Pay will be accepted at all concession and retail stands.

• Cash-to-card kiosks will be stationed throughout the stadium.