The hotly anticipated Mario Brothers-themed amusement park will officially open its doors to the public as soon as next spring. The park is set to open as part of Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, marking Nintendo’s very first foray into the world of theme parks.

The debut of the Nintendo theme park was originally supposed to open in alignment with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics but with Covid-19 delaying the Olympic Games, the park has in turn delayed its opening to next year due to the global drop in tourism due to the pandemic and inability to properly plan for a socially distanced opening.

The theme park, known as Super Nintendo World, was made to be a “life-size, living video game,” according to Nintendo, where guests will be able to jump to collect coins, meet Nintendo’s most popular characters, and participate in interactive areas, shops, and restaurants.

The long-awaited Super Nintendo World will also feature rides based on the Mario Bros characters—including Mario Kart and Yoshi-themed rides—as well as various other attractions that will transport guests into a real life Mario World.

Nintendo will also open its “Mario Cafe & Store” location ahead of the full reopening on October 16. The store will also be located in Universal Studios Japan in Osaka and will include Nintendo and Mario-themed decorations and merchandise, including pancakes and cheesecakes shaped like Mario and Luigi’s iconic hats, mushroom-themed cream soda drinks, as well as apparel and other collectable merchandise for purchase.

For more information on the theme park and restaurant or to book your tickets for the grand opening of the park, be sure to visit the official Universal Studios Japan website.

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