Universal Studios Japan is set to open its new Super Nintendo World in just a few months.

Although the exciting new area of the theme park was supposed to be launching this summer, providing a nostalgic trip down memory lane for every nineties kid, it suffered a delay due to the ongoing pandemic.

Now, it’s back on track for spring 2021!

The park will open in Spring 2021 (Credit: Universal Studios/Nintendo)
The park will open in Spring 2021 (Credit: Universal Studios/Nintendo)

The Super Nintendo World will recreate the Mushroom Kingdom, with areas inspired by Bowser and Princess Peach’s Castles.

In what is just the “first phase”, it will also feature two rides – ‘Super Mario Kart’ and ‘Yoshi’s Adventures’ – and there’ll even be electronic wristbands (known as ‘Power Up Bands’) to track your progress via a free app.

To truly immerse visitors into the gaming world, the bands will allow guests to collect ‘coins’ while competing with other park visitors. It’s pretty much the closest you could get to being in the actual game yourself!

Eventually, there will also be incredible jungle-themed attractions and activities, inspired by Donkey Kong.

There'll be areas inspired by Bowser and Princess Peach's Castles (Credit: Universal Studios/Nintendo)
There’ll be areas inspired by Bowser and Princess Peach’s Castles (Credit: Universal Studios/Nintendo)

And to keep fans going until spring, the park – located in Osaka – will open a Mario-themed pancake shop next Friday, 16th October, offering brightly coloured Mario-themed treats.

Speaking about the park earlier this year, CEO of Universal Parks & Resorts, Tom Williams said: “It’s a whole new separate area of the park. It’s got food, it’s got merchandise. The first phase will have two rides, Super Mario Kart as well as Yoshi’s Adventures.

“It’s the best, and we’ve tested them all, and they’re killers. It’s a great lineup. It takes it to the whole next level. It’s gonna redefine what a park experience is like. It really is special.”

For many, Japan is a long way to travel to experience the Super Nintendo World, and many fans are hoping a US version could be on the cards soon.

However, creating a new themed area within a Universal park is thought to take five to six years in total – so we may have a small wait on our hands!