His many careers have included being co-founder and former CEO of Knights Bridge Winery, a professional chef, freelance photographer and journalist, FAA-licensed drone operator, meditation and fitness instructor, scuba instructor, business consultant at McKinsey and Co., and Ph.D. scientist with a fellowship at Harvard. He is also a veteran of the U.S. Navy, been a construction site manager and been involved in planting/managing numerous vineyards. He works now as a photographer/journalist, often focusing on the human stories found within Northern California’s wine and food industries. He said he will donate his honorarium from this exhibition to climate change charities.

“Each photo I take attempts to tell a story,” he said. “Often those stories are about our relationship with nature, and nowhere do they resonate more than through the near-annual fires that occur in and around California’s wine country. The enormous toll on lives and livelihoods of these ferocious infernos are often overshadowed by the courage, self-sacrifice, unity and resolute resiliency of the communities affected.”

“Beyond the human inspiration brought about by wildfires, nature’s miraculous ability to rebound after what is often mind-numbing devastation also speaks to our shared connectedness, responsibility and the future that is so intimately linked to the health of our environment. The most evocative and powerful photos do not preach or try to sell anything. They allow the viewer time to ponder what matters most.”