The Independent Photographer, an international network of photography enthusiasts and photographer,s has announced the 10 winners of its Travel Photographer contest with a collection of images “capturing life in its most vivid forms” in various corners of the world.

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The winning photos, according to the organizers, “communicate the life of a place in all its splendor, whatever the subject from Street, Portrait, Landscape or Documentary.”

The image above by photographer Sandra Morante entitled ‘Kushti wrestlers at sunset’ and taken at Guru Jasram Ji Akhara Gym in New Delhi, India, was the winner of the $1,000 First Prize.

The ancient art of Indian wrestling, known as ‘kushti,’ still thrives in wrestling gyms. known as ‘Akharas,’ and are among the few places in India where Hindu men of different castes are considered equal. Trained by gurus, considered holy men, the wrestlers in the photo train in the sand pit at sunset. 

The Independent Photographer is a platform dedicated to photography. “We are on the lookout for the new wave of talent,” the organization explains. “For the past four years, we have created a platform that elevates this mission by functioning both as an online magazine and a monthly photography award.”

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The 2020 Travel Photography Award Competition was guided by National Geographic Photographer Matthieu Paley and the award winners “take us to New Delhi, with a stunning image of Kushti wrestlers at sunset at Guru Jasram Ji Akhara’s Gym; to Bangladesh, with Sujon Adhikary’s colorful visual of the Bangla Rail; and to the Pattan Kodoli town during the dusty Haldi Festival by Donell Gumiran.” 

Every year for four days the village of Pattan Codoli turns yellow with clouds of turmeric for the festival of Vittal Birdef Yatra, which marks the birth anniversary of the local deity Vittal Birdef Maharaj

Lake Tuz in Turkey turns pink due to an algae called Dunaliela Salina, which gives the lake’s water that surreal color.

On the edge of the lake there’s an old fountain where shepherds, like the one in the photo above, bring their herds during the day.