When it comes to luxury island getaways, nowhere does it quite like Italy, and there’s a reason the wealthy flock here each summer in search of a glamorous seaside break. From Capri to Sardinia, its islands are known for their spectacularly breath-taking coastlines, pretty beaches and crystalline waters, and with their assortment of opulent five-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants, they are a haven for foodies and luxury seekers alike.

It’s not just its picture-perfect scenery that draws in the visitors, with dramatic volcanoes and incredible historic ruins only adding to their Italian charm. Away from the mainland, you’ll find an exciting array of island destinations that are rich in culture and each have their own unique identity, taking the classic Italian allure to all new heights.

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The island of Capri is famed for its natural beauty, with its jagged, rocky coastline, azure waters and stunning views from its hilltops. A playground for the rich and famous, it’s a place to see and be seen – and with its world-class shopping and string of opulent fine dining eateries, it has an exquisitely exclusive feel about it that is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.

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The island has two harbours; Marina Piccola and Marina Grande, both of which are worth a visit for some fresh seafood or a swim in the crystal-clear waters. Other points of interest not to be missed include the Belvedere of Tragara – a high panoramic promenade, lined with luxury villas – plus the picture-perfect ‘faraglioni’ – large crags of rocks that protrude upwards from the sea. The small town of Anacapri is favoured by the locals and is a great place to try some more authentic Caprese cuisine.


Beautiful alley of castelsardo old city - sardinia - italy.

Vibrant, beautiful and a bucket-list must, Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, and boasts breath-taking coastlines, delectable cuisine and a rich, distinguished culture that sets it apart from the mainland, making it easily one of Italy’s most seductive destinations.

Head to Costa Smeralda for the best in A-list glamour. Here, you’ll find some of the most luxurious accommodation choices and beautiful beaches the island has to offer. The water here is a shimmering turquoise that just begs visitors to dive straight in, and its beaches are long strips of golden sand you won’t be able to resist.

For history buffs, head to the smaller, lesser-known towns the island has to offer to explore ancient Roman ruins and soak up the medieval charm.

Other points of interest to add to your Sardinia itinerary include the archaeological site of Tharros, the stunning Costa Verde and the Dunes of Piscinas, and Gola di Gorrupu – the largest canyon in Europe.


Landscape with Porto Ischia and Aragonese Castle, Ischia island, Italy

Known for its spectacular landscapes and natural thermal springs, Ischia is perhaps a little less visited than some of Italy’s most famous islands, making this pretty volcanic nation a great choice for a quieter luxury getaway.

Set within the Gulf of Naples, close to neighbouring Capri, it’s surrounded by the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with its main city – also named Ischia – divided between the charming Ischia Ponte, with its towering Aragonese Castle, and the modern centre of Ischia Porto, where you’ll find an array of sophisticated bars, restaurants and elegant boutiques.

The picturesque town of Forio makes for a great base for visitors to Ischia, and is a haven of fine dining eateries and spectacular eateries promises a luxurious experience. Other sights you won’t want to miss include the beautiful fishing village of Sant’Angelo and the Poseidon Gardens in the bay of Citara.

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mount etna italy

The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is a fusion of remarkable architecture, ancient history and that all-important natural beauty, and is arguably one of the most culturally rich islands in all of Europe.

The vibrant and Arabian-flavoured city of Palermo is a must visit, while the historic city of Syracuse is essential for history lovers. The imposing volcano of Mount Etna – the highest in Europe – is also worth seeing in real life.

Food and drink buffs will be spoilt for choice in Sicily; its decadent cuisine is a fusion of distinguished aromas and flavours. And of course, the luxurious hotels and rooftop bars are a given – champagne at sunset, anyone?

When it comes to luxury island getaways, there’s no need to head all the way to the Caribbean. Italy’s islands offer the perfect mix of culture, history and natural beauty, and are beloved by the rich, the famous and the wealthy. So why not head off on a late summer break this year and enjoy some of these islands? We challenge you to choose just one!

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