For years, one of the top destinations where tourists from all over spend their winter holidays is the capital of the Finnish province of Lapland, Rovaniemi, located in northern Finland, also known as “Santa’s Country”. According to those who have already visited Santa’s home, such a holiday guarantees the most spectacular experiences for families with children during Christmas. As a result, the Eturia travel agency, in collaboration with Razvan Pascu, announces today the launch of the charter to Lapland.


Christmas Lapland 2020 – Visiting Santa Claus

Those who choose such an “exotic” vacation in Lapland are mainly families with children, but also adults who still dream of Santa Claus and want to meet him in a fairytale setting and fulfill a childhood dream. Located in the Arctic Circle, Lapland is a fairytale world that stretches between Russia, Sweden and Norway and covers about a third of the entire surface of Finland. Those who arrive here especially visit the Levi areas, the largest ski resort in Finland, as well as Rovaniemi.

Levi is the largest and most famous tourist resort in Finland. Being located very close to the Arctic Circle, tourists have the opportunity to participate here in one of the many trips organized to see the Northern Lights, known as the “aurora borealis“. At the same time, Levi is famous for the so-called SPA hotels – Levitunturi and for the 15 ski slopes lit during the night throughout the winter, which last here from October to May.

Beyond the Arctic Circle, 150 km from Levi, is the town of Rovaniemi, the main starting point for the village of Santa Claus, where stories come to life, and tourists are greeted with many surprises, including the opportunity to secretly share Santa all wishes.


5 days at the home of Santa Claus with Eturia and Razvan Pascu

Admiring Aurora Borealis, reindeer sleigh safari, husky dog sleigh ride, snowmobile tour, angling, exploring the ice village of Lainio, crossing the Arctic Circle and, of course, visiting Santa’s village and implicitly the Post Office where Santa and his elves receive all the letters from young and old everywhere, are among the main activities that attract tourists like a magnet in Lapland. These are also proposed by the travel agency Eturia in the holiday package with direct charter flight that it has prepared for this year’s Christmas, a trip that can be the ideal gift for loved ones and especially for children.

“A five-day stay, with charter / direct flight, accommodation with half board at 4-star hotels, with facilities such as saunas, with panoramic views or SPAs for children, transfers, travel insurance and reversal with COVID clause, festive Christmas dinner and group companions from the agency starting from 2,150 euro / adult and from 1,590 euro / child,” said Sorin Stoica, CEO of Eturia, the travel agency that proposes this special holiday to its tourists.

“I am glad to be part of this project with Eturia, and in terms of charter flights we will not stop here. It is not a very good time for tourism, but following the rules we can continue to travel. We decided to request a Covid test for this charter flight for all our tourists before departure, so that everyone can feel safe and enjoy a holiday without worries in the wonderful world of childhood and Santa Claus,” added Răzvan Pascu, consultant in tourist marketing, partner of Eturia on projects with charter flights.

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