JAMES May has claimed that he was “constantly waiting to be fired” since his brutal axe from Top Gear.

The Grand Tour presenter, 60, lifted the lid on what it has been like in other presenting roles since he was cut from the popular BBC motor show.

James May claims he's 'constantly waiting to be fired' since brutal Top Gear sacking


James May claims he’s ‘constantly waiting to be fired’ since brutal Top Gear sackingCredit: PA:Press Association

Before he started presenting Top Gear, James co-hosted Channel 4’s Driven in 1998, alongside Jason Barlow and Mike Brewer.

During his latest appearance on one of talkRADIO’s shows, which also goes by the name of Driven, he spoke out about how he got cut from the role, despite being well-liked by viewers.

He told the host: “The show was really popular and we didn’t really know what we were doing – well I didn’t and I don’t think Jason Barlow did.

“But inevitably I was fired from that like I have been for everything else in my life so I was only there for one season and then I was gone.

The 60-year-old presenter was fired from Driven back in 1998


The 60-year-old presenter was fired from Driven back in 1998Credit: Alamy Live News

“Then I went on to the original Top Gear at Pebble Mill and then I lasted on that for one season and then I got fired as well.

“I’m constantly waiting to be fired from everything I do.

James went on to present Top Gear in 2003 and left 12 years later alongside his co-presenters over a feud with one of the producers.

James, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond then joined forces with Amazon Prime Video to create their new show, The Grand Tour, which first aired in 2016.

James May joined the Top Gear team in 2002


James May joined the Top Gear team in 2002Credit: PA:Press Association

When asked if he has a slight fear of being sacked, the car lover admitted that he does feel wary of it, especially because of the current coronavirus pandemic.

James replied: “Well, it is a bit.

“I mean, one of the results of coronavirus is that quite a few bits of work I had planned, you know, a couple of travel shows, following on from Man In Japan, the big specials with The Grand Tour, and other ideas I’ve had.

“They’ve all been postponed for the moment indefinitely because we can’t travel.”

Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James now present The Grand Tour


Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James now present The Grand TourCredit: Getty – Contributor

He went onto joke that the deadly bug will make him have to take an early retirement.

James added: “We can’t do the sort of things we want to do with social distancing and quarantine rules in place.

“I’ve been fired by circumstance. I’ve been fired by the world.”

The Grand Tour is available to stream on Amazon Prime now.







poke to Andy Jay on Driven, a talkRADIO show about his previous hosting roles.

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