• A career coach can help you identify opportunities you might otherwise miss.
  • We asked readers to nominate coaches who’ve given them the tools and confidence to revamp their careers. Following are 23 of the most impressive.
  • These coaches have devised creative ways to help clients find jobs and advance professionally in a recession.
  • Some of the coaches are focused on supporting the careers of women and people of color.
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It’s a terrifying time to be looking for a new job or a promotion.

The pandemic recession has left millions without a job, and for those who work in industries such as travel or hospitality, it’s made it all but impossible to find another job.

Even companies that haven’t had layoffs are tightening their belts.

If you’re wondering how you’ll ever craft a career that’s both lucrative and fulfilling in this environment, it could be worth enlisting help.

A career coach can guide you toward opportunities you might not have spotted yourself. They can show you how to identify and articulate what makes you stand out in the labor market — and what really energizes you.

We asked readers to tell us about the most innovative career coaches they’ve worked with. We chose 23 of the most impressive. Our criteria included:

  • What the coaches had done to respond to the recession, like going out of their way to introduce their clients to hiring managers.
  • How they support communities that have traditionally been marginalized at work.
  • Their measurable successes, like helping clients negotiate substantial raises.

These coaches have helped mold employees at Google, Pepsi, and Goldman Sachs into stars. Now they’re devising creative ways to support people out of work and those who feel lost or stuck. Some have organized group coaching sessions so that job-seekers can learn from each other.

Many of the coaches are also focused on helping women and people of color build successful careers, by highlighting the stories of professionals who’ve achieved tremendous success.

As Rand Nouruddin Al Aaraj, an executive career coach at General Assembly Middle East, told us: “One thing I always remind my coachees is that their value comes from within. Their titles, education, wealth, network don’t define them. It is who they are.”

This coach added, “I noticed that this approach made my coachees more resilient and more committed to professional development.”

Here are 23 of the most innovative career coaches from around the world, in alphabetical order by last name, and their exclusive insights on navigating your professional development in a tough economy.

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