For many of us, travel restrictions have been one of the most challenging ways in which we’ve had to adapt as a result of the global health crisis—especially for those in the design community with clients around the world. There will be a day in which we can globe-trot freely again, but, until then, we’ve asked these designers their top travel destination for creative inspiration once the world safely reopens.

Sheila Bridges, Sheila Bridges Design

“My dream travel plan is simply to be able to leave the country. I have a pied-à-terre in Reykjavik, Iceland, and since U.S. passport holders are not allowed to enter the country at this time I am not able to go there. I spend a lot of time in Iceland in the summer because of the landscape, the light, and the horses—all three are a huge source of inspiration for my designs.”

Mikel Welch, Mikel Welch Designs

“The first place I plan on heading once things open up is South Africa. Of late, I’ve found myself intrigued with tribal patterns and African currency that I typically incorporate into my designs. Although I can find these objects in my local antique market, there is nothing like sourcing items straight from the source.”

Sean Leffers, Sean Leffers Interiors

“On the flight home from my first trip to India this past year, I was already planning my return for more in-depth sourcing and inspiration. My camera roll was filled with hundreds of images of whimsical architectural details, brilliant color combinations, and patina to die for. I scored a set of 19th-century bone-inlaid dining chairs, a Mughal carpet that we are using to make into a bed canopy, and a very elegantly carved 17th-century ebony chair. On my next trip I’m planning to spend more time looking for antique textiles as well as contemporary manufacturers and embroidery workshops. I’m especially looking forward to visiting the Sundar Nagar Market in Delhi. I think I’ll be exploring India for the rest of my life.”

Nick Olsen, Nick Olsen, Inc. 

“Once the world opens up I’ll be on a flight to Sicily, heading straight for the Palazzina Cinese in Palermo. Sicilian King Ferdinand III commissioned it in 1799 and architect Giuseppe Venanzio Marvuglia elevated the 18th-century craze for chinoiserie to dizzying—and strange!—new heights.”

Tiffany Thompson, Duett Interiors

“The ocean is always my reset. Growing up so closely connected to Caribbean culture, Martinique has been on my wish list for some time now. Tropical forests, beaches, and phenomenal cuisine—who could ask for more! It’s a beautiful island in the West Indies. They say it’s a bit of France in the Caribbean. The blend of French and Caribbean influences is always a joy to me. There specifically is a beach there—Anse Céron, Le Precheur—that I am dying to see. It’s a black beach with no rocks or algae on the northernmost point of the island. To get to the beach, you have to navigate through a tropical rainforest and waterfall. I mean, does anything sound more gorgeous than that and at a time where things are so uncertain? J’ai hâte (‘I can’t wait’)!” 

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