In trying to persuade California Governor Gavin Newsom to allow theme parks to reopen, managers at Disney highlighted all the things they have changed at Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort and will use at Disneyland to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

I do not have a medical degree, so I cannot pass judgment on how effective those new procedures are at stopping the virus. But I can say that many of them have the potential to make visiting a theme park a much more pleasant experience, so I hope that they stick around as industry standards long after this pandemic is over.

Capacity limits: COVID-19 has inspired many parks to develop advance reservation systems to maintain limited capacity levels. That’s a far more precise way to restrict daily attendance than the date-specific pricing plans that Disneyland and some other parks have used to discourage people from visiting on traditionally busy days. Even when we no longer need six feet of safe physical distancing around us, we still need some space to keep from feeling like sardines in a can. Parks should continue using advance reservation systems during peak vacation periods to make visits more pleasant.

Temperature checks: No one wants to get sick on their day off, much less on their vacation. Temperature checks won’t catch everyone carrying the COVID-19 virus, but they do allow parks to deny entry to people with obvious fevers, which can help limit the spread of many illnesses in the parks.