You must do certain things to increase the sales for your Travel Agency. One of which is increasing the number of clients who are patronizing your services. The more clients you have, the more money it can bring. Another thing is to encourage your clients to patronize your services more often. For example, if they purchase tours from your company once a year, perhaps they can do it twice or thrice instead. If you’re into business for sales that specifically cater to the travel niche, how do you exactly plan to increase the sales of your company? Let us give you some advice.

These useful tips can increase the sales of your travel agency:

Highlight The Benefits of Your Products and Services

You can ask your satisfied customers what exactly they like about your company. What is it in your services that make them come back? Customers will gladly give their answers. Highlight this information on your website and flyers to attract new customers.

Use Social Media to Attract New Customers

Social Media is now a significant part of daily lives. People share different experiences online like their travel experience, food trip, museum visit, attending to special occasions, product and services experience, and so on and so forth.  When posting on your Social Media Account, use videos and pictures that will engage people to ask about your products and services.

Upsell Your Products and Services

Whenever you’re transacting to a customer, try to upsell your products and services by offering them related stuff. For example, if a customer purchased a Mekong Delta River Tour, you might suggest if he or she wants to add Cu Chi Tunnel to the Itinerary. Suggest further that by doing so, he or she will get some discounts.

Package Your Products and Services

It’s much easier if you sell your products and services as a bundle. For example, you can sell a 4 Days and 3 Nights Package Tour to Vietnam for 400 USD that includes hotel accommodation, a package of tours for 3 days, travel insurance, and Visa Assistance. In this way, you’ll be able to sell 4 items instead of selling them separately.

Establish a Travel Niche Market

Try to serve markets that are underserved or not yet served at all. For example, you can specialize in mountain hiking trips or festival trips in Vietnam.

Subscribe to Online Booking Softwares

You can save yourself some work if you subscribe to online booking software. Some of the questions of the customers can be answered automatically by this mechanism. It can even provide payment options for your products and services, therefore, generating sales.

Extend your B2B Network

B2B stands for business-to-business. You can sell your products and services to another business entity, for example, a school. You can sell Educational Tours to schools and the school will be the one to market it to their students. Of course, you have to provide incentives for your B2B client. By doing so, everyone would be benefitted.

You can start your Travel Business by buying businesses that are already setup

You can buy business in Vietnam that caters to travel industries by all means. Also, you can buy a franchise business or you can make a partnership with someone. These methods are much easier compared to starting from scratch.

If you’re a startup or you’re just somebody who needs help to buy or sell a business, you can contact Easy Buy Sell Business Vietnam. They are among those known Business for Sales Platform that can help you in your endeavour.