The Toledo Fire & Rescue Department (TFRD) is giving tips on how to escape a car submerged under water after a woman died Monday night in Waterville after driving into a pond.

28-year-old Keyona Drake was driving along Waterville Monclova Road when she ended up submerged in a pond. She later died from her injuries.

The TFRD Special Operations Bureau’s battalion chief Matthew Brixey says being in a submerged car is very unlikely, but staying calm is one of the biggest keys.

You should then try to roll down your windows and unlock your car at the same time with your seat belt still buckled so you don’t risk floating in your car.

Once the water is starting to fill up and you feel like you can quickly escape, unbuckle your seatbelt and get out of the nearest window.

The best way to prevent a water-related crash is to simply stay aware and alert on the road.

“If you can follow what we all know we should be doing while we’re driving—pay attention, stay off your cell phone, pay attention to other drivers, don’t drink and drive—everything you can do to prevent yourself from getting in the water to begin with is paramount. Prevention is always key,” Brixey said.

If your cell phone is water-resistant, you should call for help, but getting out should be your biggest priority.