If you’re shopping for a food lover this holiday season — even if that someone is you — there’s never been an easier person for whom to shop. A world of luxe ingredients, fun kitchen gadgets, and food experiences awaits. The hard part? Figuring out where to start! 

No worries. We’ve got a few fun ideas to start you on your merry way. Sorry in advance if you suddenly realize you need all of these things.

Top 6 luxurious foodie gifts to give in Louisville in 2022

The Anova precision oven ($489) is “one of the most exciting at-home kitchen gadgets that I’ve seen hit the market in the past few years … which is an at-home counter-top combi steam oven,” says Ryan Rogers of Eternal Optimist Hospitality (bar Vetti, Feast BBQ, Royals Hot Chicken). “It’s certainly a splurge item and really only for those hardcore home cooks that enjoy the ability to dial in precise temperatures with a steam-injected convection oven, but it is a fraction of the price of a commercial combi-oven.”

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A special blend of coffee roasted at Fante’s Coffee

Blake Carlson, master roaster at Fante's Coffee House, releases freshly roasted beans into the cooling tray durnig a recent morning roast session at their location at 2501 Grinstead Dr. Friday, Dec. 3, 2021

For the coffee lover in your life, Anoosh Shariat of Anoosh Bistro, 4864 Brownsboro Road, wants you to know “the best cup of coffee is made with the finest beans and a pour-over or a French press.”

Go all out, and “make an appointment with Leo Fante at Fante’s Coffee and have your own special blend of coffee roasted for you.”

Or you can always gift a french press to the coffee lover in your life. You can get them all over the place. For example, there are tons of options available at places like Target for anywhere from $19.99 and up.

The in-house latte from Fante's Coffee

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Order food from restaurants all over the country with Goldbelly

Kane’s Donuts traditional donuts on Goldbelly.

Will travel for food? You don’t have to, thanks to Goldbelly, the online purveyor of some of the best restaurants in the country. Essentially, Goldbelly is an online marketplace for food products where customers can order products from restaurants, bakeries, delis, etc., and have them shipped across the United States.

I got turned on to the service during COVID when I had a meal from Chicago’s famed chef Stephanie Izard of Girl & the Goat, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

17 holiday gifts for men who don't want anything: Goldbelly subscription

“Goldbelly really allows people to bring the flavors of world-class restaurants into their homes,” says Rogers. “They don’t have every mom-and-pop place in America, but they have a pretty incredible selection of the greatest hits of some great restaurants. It’s an opportunity for people to share places without the flight and hotel expenses associated with physically going there or having to stand in line for four-plus hours like I’ve done both times I’ve visited Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas.”

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Meat coming off the grill at Gogi Korean BBQ

Are you, like me and obsessed with GOGi 1055 Korean BBQ at 1055 Bardstown Road? There’s something so primal and utterly decadent about grilling meats on the table until it’s caramelized and succulent. Guess what? Now you can do that at home. 

Jesse Huot of Grind Burger Kitchen, Oskar’s Slider Bar, and Smör Nordic Bakery, got an early Christmas gift from his wife Liz, in the form of the Iwatani Smokeless Korean Barbecue Grill ($86).