As part of an ongoing monthly series with Twitter, Branding in Asia brings you the Top Twitter Ads from around the Asia Pacific. First up, are the top ads in August.

According to Twitter the brands and industries that particularly stood out for the month range from beauty (NIVEA PH), entertainment (Spotify IN, JOOX ID, PlayStation ANZ), connectivity (Optus AU, TM Tambayan PH, Workday), and food (Big C TH, Mister Potato MY, Magnolia Milk & Dairies TH).

Connectivity remains key for this travel-unfriendly summer, with people remaining cautious, preferring to opt for brands that help keep them well fed and entertained at home.

Twitter told us that the best performing videos this August typically shared the following in common:

  • The content was short and sweet, with one clear USP or call-to-action as the focus – the
    videos weren’t cluttered with too many messages.
  • Branding and products played a prominent role and were present from the start. And the
    videos weren’t reliant on sound – many employed techniques such as closed captions to
    ensure viewers were able to fully appreciate the narrative regardless of how or where
    they were watching.
  • For brands looking to capitalize on the prominence of video, remember to consider how
    easily your communities can consume your content – stories and authenticity are
    important, but preferably in bite-sized chunks.