The Estonian Travel and Tourism Association recommends for people who are making travel plans to purchase their trips through travel companies registered in Estonia in order to be better insured against unpleasant incidences during their travel and to be able to receive comprehensive assistance in the Estonian language during the trip., reports LETA/BNS.

The Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority on Monday pointed out a number of problems relating to websites offering booking services, particularly in terms of follow-up service and receiving a refund for airline tickets cancelled during the crisis. To prevent such problems, the Travel and Tourism Association recommends to buy tickets, holiday packages and other travel services from travel companies registered in Estonia.

“Estonia’s laws only apply to businesses registered in Estonia. The background of the seller of the package can be checked from the register of economic activities; it’s also worth taking a look at the Consumer Protection Authority’s blacklist,” Mariann Lugus, secretary general of the Travel and Tourism Association, said.

“If a trip is bought through an online intermediation platform registered in a foreign state, the business may not be interested in engaging in problem-solving when [the customer’s] flight gets cancelled or changed, travel restrictions are established or any other problems emerge, and the consumer will run into difficulties as their rights are not protected in accordance with Estonian laws,” Lugus said.

Lugus said that professional travel consultants are better equipped than ordinary people to find their way in today’s abundance of information and can thus advise customers on local conditions, restrictions and other relevant information.

“Naturally, we recommend to also conclude a travel insurance agreement with sufficient coverage to ensure supplementary protection in the event of complications,” Lugus said.