Despite Victoria being fully open it is effectively closed off to the rest of Australia due to bans in every other state.

Residents returning to Victoria from other states do not have to quarantine at home.

There are also travel restrictions within the state preventing people living in metropolitan Melbourne from travelling into regional areas. 


The only border restrictions currently in place in NSW apply to Victorians, with residents of Victoria or anyone who has been in the state requiring a permit.

NSW residents will be able to travel to most states and territories, including Queensland from November 1. 


Queensland shifted its border zone, bringing in five NSW local government areas including Byron and Ballina from October 1.

This means Byron, Ballina, Lismore, Richmond Valley, and Glen Innes were added to the border zone and can travel into the state, while Queensland residents could also travel into those areas.

‘The Queensland side of the border zone will no longer exist,’ Gold Coast Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler said. 

‘For instance, if you are in Cairns and you decide that you want to go to Byron Bay, you are able to do that after the 1st of October.’ 

From November 1, NSW residents will be able to travel without hotel quarantine into Queensland. 


People who are not ACT residents cannot enter the territory from Victoria unless they hold an exemption. 

All other states can enter the territory. 


Western Australia has the strongest restrictions in the country and is closed to everyone, including residents who wish to return home.

Residents must obtain an exemption and will need to quarantine at home for 14 days.

Those who have been to NSW or Victoria in the last 14 days will find it harder to get approval on their exemption. 


Travellers from Victoria including SA residents are not able to return, with some essential travellers being exempt. 

Residents and non-residents from NT, ACT, Queensland, Tasmania, NSW and WA can enter without restriction or mandatory quarantine.


The Northern Territory is now open to most of Australia, removing its coronavirus hotspot status from Greater Sydney in October. 

From October 9 arrivals from Greater Sydney do not need to undertake 14 days of supervised quarantine. 

All people travelling to the NT must complete the border entry form.

For those who arrive in the NT after travelling through a declared hotspot, they must remain in mandatory quarantine for 14 days since leaving the hotspot. 


All travellers except for essential travellers currently have to undergo 14-day quarantine and seek approval to enter Tasmania.

Tasmania will ease border restrictions for people travelling from all states except New South Wales and Victoria on October 26.

The situation is continuing to be monitored in NSW. A further update will be provided for people travelling from NSW prior to October 26.

Border restrictions will also remain in place for people travelling from Victoria until further notice.