The hike: Bobby McLean Memorial Park
The place: Newland, N.C.

Classifying this as a hike is not really accurate. However, it was a fun little side-trip on the trip Mochi and I took to Yellow Mountain Gap recently.

I have driven through Newland countless times on the way to the Blue Ridge Parkway or Grandfather Mountain. Somehow, I’ve never noticed Bobby McLean Memorial Park.

Mochi brought up the waterfalls as we were stuffing our faces with barbecue pre-hike. “Are we going through Newland?”

We had plenty of time – so we made the trip.


Bobby McLean Memorial Park is home to several small but beautiful waterfalls. There’s also a couple small trails to check out.

As you make your way up the side of the hill, use caution. The trail/hill can be steep and slick in areas. I took my time climbing around since I didn’t think to put on something other than my sandals.

This little park is great for a small family exploration with picnic tables for lunch or dinner breaks. It’s also the perfect size that the teens can explore on their own after a reminder about water safety and to not run.

Like I said, it is slick in some areas.

So, pick up lunch and go exploring!