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Absolute Travel agency co-owners Elayne Pink and Fred Mack. Photo contributed by Elayne Pink.

Pink says they plan on announcing the details of the trip and opening it up to the public sometime in the next week, with travel beginning in February.

The response to the agency’s plan was instantaneous.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with phone calls,” Pink said. “We’ve had, I’m going to say up to 3,000 people in touch with us via social media and whatnot looking to go on this package.”

Word of the package actually got out ahead of plan during a conversation with a local radio station.

“It went viral,” Pink said. “People caught on very quickly. Once it got out, it just kept running and it just blew up our social media pages like crazy.”

The agency wants to work with an airline and a Cuban resort to create a safe and exclusive means of travel, where potential COVID-19 exposure would be limited. Further deals and resorts at other countries, like the Dominican Republic, could follow, but for the time being Pink is focused on their first package.

For seven days at a time, Atlantic Canadians will be able to vacation at a resort where all the staff have been tested and self-isolated before guests arrive, though there will be no off-resort activities. The goal is to recreate the conditions, safety and exclusivity of the Atlantic bubble in the Caribbean.

“All the things we go through here in Atlantic Canada in our bubble is exactly what we’re going to be doing there,” Pink said.

In a conversation with HalifaxToday, Pink was optimistic about appealing to Dr. Robert Strang, the chief medical officer for Nova Scotia, about lifting the mandatory 14-day self-isolation period upon returning to the Atlantic provinces from outside the bubble.

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