There’s no more memorable time in a man’s life than when he ties the knot and what better way to celebrate than with a stag do, complete with the lads, music, a little drink and a night of fun and adventure? In this article, we’ll be taking a look at several locations that could make the ideal spot for a stag party abroad, so without further ado, let’s get to grips with some of the most prominent destinations imaginable.

The Iconic Region of Prague

Your time in Prague is guaranteed to be memorable, and not just because of the stunning scenery and ancient architecture. Prague plays host to some of the most elaborate nightlife in the world and what else should you expect from the capital of the Czech Republic? From go karting in Prague, right through to a little target practice at a professional gun range, where you can choose your weapon and fire to your heart’s content – we’re sure your stag do in Prague will be as memorable as possible.

The Island of Aphrodite

Cyprus, or as it’s often referred to – the island of Aphrodite, is a small location situated closer to the Middle-East, although its locals will say that it is as European as they come. Regardless of the politics, the island itself is stunning, with coastal views all the way around, hot spots for stag parties along the port of Limassol, or you could head to Paphos where the nightlife is famous for its fun, exciting Greek tavernas that operate well into the night.


Another stunning island, this time closer to Greece, Kefalonia offers an exciting variety of things to see and do. From mountainous terrain that’s ideal for off-roading and excursions, right through to clubs that are run by locals as well as ex-pats. There is also a range of scuba diving companies if you’d prefer to spend a stag do deep-sea diving.

Kavos, Corfu

This party island is ideal for those that want to enjoy nothing but booze, good times and the potential to celebrate. Kavos has an entire district dedicated to tourists, with a range of offers for clubs and bars that could keep you drinking well into the early hours. What’s more is that the region boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in this part of the world, making it the perfect place for photos.

Your stag do, your way

This is just a selection of exciting destinations where you can host a stag do. All of them will have facilities for parties and for further information,it’s a good idea to get in touch with a local rep and see if they can schedule a stag do on your behalf.