What is the state of Iran’s tourism?Fortunately, Iran took an early hit with Coronavirus. Officials took immediate measures to lighten the strain on society. The mandatory quarantine in Iran was helpful in hindering the outbreak. In March 2020, WHO and a couple of international institutes made a visit to Iran in order to conduct a technical support mission for out-break. According to the reports revealed by WHO, “Iran’s strategies to control the virus are in the right direction and a comprehensive coordinated approach is being applied”.

How does TAP Persia promote Iran tourism?

TAP Persia is a full-service tourism provider attracting a wide variety of travelers – from shoestring travelers to the most luxury ones- offering them with a host of services they are looking for. Whether you are a perpetual-on-the-road traveler or a travel dreamer, TAP Persia provides you with a service you might find helpful; from staggering videos and articles on the greatest tips or events of Iran and free walking tours, to Iran Visa or Iran Tour Packages for your journey to Iran. Another distinguishing service they offer is their locally-conducted activities such as “Dinner with Locals”, “Persian Carpet Workshops” and “Persian Cooking Classes”, offered in multiple locations across Iran. Even though you may not be comfortable traveling until a vaccine is found for Covid-19, TAP Persia started to offer virtual tours to keep people connected with Iran even when they cannot physically visit.

They introduce themselves as “Exporters of Iranian Culture”. Their ultimate goal is to facilitate real cultural exchanges between local Iranian and visitors from around the world. To reach this aim, TAP Persia again enlists the helping hand of local tour guides, providing accommodation at traditional houses and ecolodges in which one can truly dive into rich cultures and spend a few days as a local.

How TAP Persia is changing the Image of Iran

The Ultimate goal of TAP Persia is to create a complete picture of Iran by highlighting local people and individual cultures – something more travelers are interested in seeing. TAP Persia, conversely, focuses highly on Iran’s rich tradition, heritage, and landscapes. Taking a glance through their website, you can see how they have made it a one-stop-shop where you can find any info you might need about Iran and traveling there. Diverse articles and guidelines on new Iran visa portals, health, and safety, standards for hotels, and payments are just some of the offerings. This is how they have addressed all the problems, questions, and services travelers to Iran might be dealing with.

How does TAP Persia help the community?

TAP Persia strives to be a leader in sustainable tourism. Their chief goal is to help local communities via various means. Working with local tour guides and offering accommodation at boutique hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and homestays are measures by which they successfully return the money back to the community they operate in. They offer travelers a chance to live in and feel the city like a local. So, they do not restrict themselves to touristic places; they take the traveler deep in the heart of cities, towns and villages to visit mom and pop shops and wander around the city the way a local does. This way, travelers truly feel and experience a different life far from their typical vacations.

This will result in both preserving unique cultural diversity, and more importantly, raising awareness among locals about the importance of their culture and their role in conserving it. Only with injecting money to the communities is it possible to save staggering natural landscapes and traditions.

How we are inspiring a new generation of travelers

The discernible point about TAP Persia is providing tourists with half-day tours and single services with extra help whenever they need it in order to bring the best viable opportunity for all types of travelers to visit Iran. There is an array of tour types and cities from which all kinds of customers can find a desirable one based on their travel style, taste, preferences, and interest; from culinary or cycling tours to going into the middle of nowhere in the very untouched landscapes of Iran. Not to mention the host of activities and landscapes the country of four seasons offers; mesmerizing landscape, mysterious historical sites, untouched deserts, and attractive rituals, to name but a few.

Ways in which TAP Persia is making travel convenient

What TAP Persia is offering is to pave the way for travelers in Iran is via a wide range of online and offline services in order to help them out from the very beginning they leave their doorsteps, throughout their journey to Iran, and then back again at their doorsteps. So no more worries! Everything is taken care of! Additionally, travelers can enjoy the videos, articles, and travel guides provided by TAP Persia via their website and YouTube Channel. Their endless articles and videos and diverse tours introduce novel, authentic, and non-touristic travel ideas and cultures in which travelers in Iran can immerse themselves.

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