Safety and cost are two main considerations when traveling during the pandemic. Money expert Ja’Net Adams explains how to make the most of both.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The pandemic changed everything we once knew, including the way we travel. But if you plan it right, you can lock-in on some great deals right now.

Money expert Ja’net Adams explains.

“It has been over six months since the travel world came to a screeching halt. The pandemic has changed everything and the way we travel is no different. Some are ready to travel in the next couple of months or next year but are not sure what to expect. Here’s what you need to know before planning a vacation,” Adams said.

Adams, who wrote the book, The Money Attractor, offers these three travel tips, based on a recent trip to Key West.

“The majority of the airlines are keeping the middle seat free and keeping the air condition at full blast. I flew Delta and snacks are given to you in a Ziploc bag as you enter the plane,” said Adams.

Make sure you check your airline’s middle seat policy before booking your next flight and perhaps pack your snacks if you feel uncomfortable eating the in-flight snacks.

On another note, if you’re looking to fly within the next year, now is the time to save a lot of money. 

“There are flights to places all over the world for less than $300. I just found a roundtrip flight to Japan for $250!”

“Hotels are going just as far or farther than airlines when it comes to safety. Most are sanitizing the room when you get there and only cleaning during your stay if you request it,” Adams said. 

But some amenities are no longer available so don’t overpay. “Those hot breakfast buffets are on hold now so expect continental breakfast or hot breakfast to go.”

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If you are going on vacation and looking to do the usual tourist attractions you may want to check out their safety rules before purchasing. 

“There are activities and tourist attractions that are closed because they are in a state that has different phases of opening. If you do purchase an activity know that safety will be at the forefront. I went dolphin watching and I had to wear a mask all three hours except for when I was snorkeling,” Adams said.

If you’re itching for a vacation, safety and money are top concerns during the planning process. The best thing you can do is to plan and prepare for the changes.

“Overall travel is a little different, but it is not so different that you can’t have a great time!” Adams said.

You can find more tips from Ja’Net Adams here.

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